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Need space to create?

 We Could Be Music’s studio in San José (aka Casa WCBM) is a special, love-filled place. 

If you need a place to record, film, write, co-create —even stay a few nights— our little corner of Curridabat might be the perfect fit.



Casa We Could Be Music has a professional recording studio designed to record vocalists or small ensembles. The space is perfect for laying down individual music tracks, writing and recording demos, mixing and mastering, or recording voiceovers.

If you need more than a day to finish your work, our two comfy guest rooms can accommodate up to 5 people.

Drop us a line with your project requirements and we can help figure out if the space is right for you.


The house is a perfect place to gather a team or a small group of guests to dream big, make plans or create something new together. 

We often host retreats, meetings, workshops, private outdoor movie nights, small concerts, and more. 

Depending on the scope of your event, Casa We Could Be Music can accommodate 10-50 people. 

For an additional fee, our operations team can also support you to contract local event services such as catering, decorations, or A/V. 



We Could Be Music is a great place to work or co-work. We don’t offer long-term workspace rentals, but if you’re traveling to San José and need a workspace for a few days, or if you live here and just need a place to get things done —by yourself or with others we have multiple desks (regular and standing) available. 

While you’re here, help yourself to coffee, tea, snacks, high speed wifi and A/C – not to mention the beautiful back patio if you feel like working outside for a few hours!


If you’re traveling to Costa Rica and need a place to stay AND work, our Casa is the perfect space. We have two beautifully appointed guest rooms. The rooms are most comfortable when used by 1-2 people each, but they can accommodate up 2 or 3 each. 

The guest rooms share a bathroom, but if your group needs a second bathroom, we can arrange for you to have access to the house’s “master” bathroom on the same floor. 

Parking, linens, as well as access to a shared kitchen and washer/dryer are included in your stay.  

Drop us a line about your needs and we’ll help you make a your plans!

Photos credit: Nube Studio



We’re located in the leafy, beautiful and very safe neighborhood of Freses, Curridabat. In just a few minutes you can walk to multiple coffee shops, restaurants, and shops. Freses is on the east side of San José – so we’re also a quick Uber ride from key city landmarks like the University of Costa Rica, Mall San Pedro or downtown San José.

Safety and equity

Casa We Could Be Music is a space free of harassment, sexism, racism, homophobia, transfobia, ableism and any other form of aggression or discrimination. Our guests generally treat our Casa with the same respect they would show their own home. If a guest disrespects these principles, we will ask them to leave.